Re: New photographs in members; gallery on Oct. 11, 2020

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  This week's PhotoForum gallery is, on the average, very dark.  Maybe the political scene has something to do with it?  Anyway, quick comments on three of them.  
   Before that, just have to say, I wish there were more comments/descriptions with the images.  Images don't need titles, but background comments are often very interesting.

On Sun, Oct 11, 2020 at 11:18 PM Andrew Davidhazy <andpph@xxxxxxx> wrote:
The PhotoForum members' gallery/exhibit space was updated with 7 new photographs on Oct. 11, 2020.
Authors with work now on display at:  include:       
Lew Schwartz - Black Pond Road
         Oooh. Dark.  Great texture. . . I see this as a background for an old master painting but not so much a photograph as such..
John Retallack - Fools Boot
          Also very dark. . . but here I would only get it as a study of light.
George Brown - IR experiment
         Very interesting experiment, to see the shapes and textures of the greenery.  (Hooray for black and white.). To me, the watermark is very distracting.

Also,  I understand neither the Before and After flowers, nor the Nixon Mask.

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