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Re: pg_upgradecluster transfering only a portion of the data

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On 2/27/23 09:10, Adrian Klaver wrote:
On 2/27/23 09:05, Dávid Suchan wrote:

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Ccing list

My bad,
\l+ lists databases and their respective sizes- I used that and also pg_size_pretty(), the result size was the same - before it was 20gb for the biggest db, after it was 700mb. I counted rows before the upgrade in one of the biggest and most important table that I was watching and comparing - before there were hundreds of thousands or millions of rows(not sure about the exact number, just a lot), after the upgrade only like 15, but the first 15 rows matched after the upgrade when I checked with select of that table.

Hmm, I can't see how you got that state without there being some sort of error messages.

Just to be clear:

1) The 9.6 and 14 instances where installed from the same source?

2) Are you using tablespaces other then the default?

Scan the Postgres log for the 14 instance at /var/log/postgresql for error messages.

Adrian Klaver

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