Re: How to Create a table in another database

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Have you installed AND activated dblink?

You can check with \dx from a pgsql prompt ...

This is a good guide:

Matthias Ritzkowski

On Nov 12, 2015 05:27, "Archana K N" <archanakknn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

     I created a postgres function in db1, from which I need to create a table in another database say db2. I tried to use 'dblink' but it is giving the error:-

   ERROR:  function dblink_connect(unknown, unknown) does not exist
   LINE 1: select dblink_connect('dbname=mydb port=5432 host=localhost ...
   HINT:  No function matches the given name and argument types. You might need       to add explicit type casts.

     Have been stuck on this for 2 days. Dont know what to do. 
     I am using Windows 7 OS(32-bit) and due to certain security purpose am using         Postgres 9.0(cant update it to newer version). 

      Please help me. 

Archana K N

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