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On 22/01/2014 12:21, Archana K N wrote:
> Hi,
>          Recently  I updated my database with more columns and added
> data into it.
> Even works were performed on it. After updating  "postgresql.conf" and
> "pg_hba.conf"
>  files I restarted postgresql using 'service postgresql restart' . Now
> when I checked 
> newly added data are gone and am not able to update any more using
> code(I used 
> same code for updation before).  What can I do.Is there a way to recover
> the lost data.

A lot more information about what you did will make it easier for people
to help you -

- What platform are you on - both server and client?

- What commands did you execute in order to add columns?

- How did you insert data into the database?

- How did you establish that the data is gone?


Raymond O'Donnell :: Galway :: Ireland

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