Re: Open source project using php PostgreSQL functions?

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On 21-11-13 17:43, Jeff Ross wrote:
Hi all,

I'm looking at moving some code away from the long deprecated PEAR::DB but I want to move to the standard php Postgresql functions and not another database abstraction layer like MDB2 or ADODB or even PDO. This specific project will never use anything but PostgreSQL as its database.

Does anyone know of an open source php based project that I might look through to see some sample code a little more complex than the examples in the php documentation?


Jeff Ross

PDO is pretty much standard PHP these days, allthough I don't like it much myself. Why not write a simple class that does the database access for you? All you really need is a method that executes the query and either returns the result or throws an exception when something goes wrong. Anything ready-made is going to be a DAL, because that's what works best and it's easier to maintain.

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