can somebody show me a MDB2 dsn with port number?

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hello pgsql-php,

i looked for a sample of MDB2 dsn array with port number, couldn't find
my dsn without it is:
    'phptype' => "pgsql",
    'username' => $pg_username,
    'password' => $pg_password,
    'hostspec' => "localhost",
    'database' => $pg_database
$options = array(
    'debug'       => 9,
    'portability' => DB_PORTABILITY_ALL,

the MDB2 docs have just

Most variations are allowed: 

1     phptype://username:password@protocol+hostspec:110//usr/db_file.db?mode=0644
2       phptype://username:password@hostspec/database_name
3       phptype://username:password@hostspec
4       phptype://username@hostspec
5       phptype://hostspec/database
6       phptype://hostspec
7       phptype(dbsyntax)
8       phptype

* I don't see PORTNUMBER in there anywhere*

"Additional keys can be added by appending a URI query string to the end
of the DSN."
what does that mean?

and my connect call is

    global $dsn_mysql,$dsn_postgresql,$DEBUG_DICT_CONNECT,$options;
    // default has always been mysql, if (!$dsn) $dsn = $dsn_mysql;
    // if (!$dsn) $dsn = $dsn_postgresql;
    if (!$dsn) $dsn = $dsn_mysql;
    // Retries connection to server 5 times.
    if ($DEBUG_DICT_CONNECT) echo "dsn = " . print_r($dsn) . "<br>";
    if ($DEBUG_DICT_CONNECT) echo "dsn = " . print_r($dsn) . "<br>";
    $db = MDB2::connect($dsn,$options);

I have tried   
$pg_options = array(
    'portnumber'       => 5534,
    'debug'       => 9,
    'portability' => DB_PORTABILITY_ALL,

but connection fails.

can somebody cut and paste me one please?
thanks everybody.

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