Re: Unable to connect to PostgreSQL Server: Permission denied

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On 2006-04-04 19:35:10 +0200 (Tue, Apr), Pawel Bernat wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 03, 2006 at 10:01:23PM +0200, Mariusz Pękala wrote:
> > Telnet is not the best tool for binary protocols.
> > You may try netcat (nc), but anyway - this test is not significant
> > here.
> It doesn't matter here.

Okay, you're saying my English isn't perfect ? :-)

> > Don't let the untrusted parameters to go into query. Someone may call
> > your page like this:
> >'); delete from Addresses; --
> Nothing wrong will happen.

Unless I really overlooked something, I would humbly disagree.

1) It is possible to put a few sql requests in one string.

2) Relying on 'magic_quotes_gpc' and *possible* addslashes() is a bad thing,

So, where is my mistake?

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