IETF RFP for Open Source DBA Services

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I am not looking to hire. I am reposting what I have seen elsewhere. Please do not ask me any questions.

The IETF has put out an RFP for Open Source DBA Services, and "has active plans to migrate to PostgreSQL".


"The IETF currently uses MariaDB as the core database for internally developed applications and has active plans to migrate to PostgreSQL. It is likely that at some point we will introduce PostgreSQL multi-master replication for high availability and a suitable open source NoSQL database for document storage.  We seek a contractor with one or more highly experienced open source Database Administrators to assist us on an ongoing basis and with two initial migration projects. We expect this assistance to include scheduled maintenance, formally scoped projects and ad-hoc advice and consultancy.  The initial term of the contract will be for three years with the option to renew for a further three year term by mutual agreement. "

Dan Langille - dan@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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