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We have a slot open for a consultant to help us with Postgres
internals. We are developing a new way to search data.

We're looking for developers who have knowledge of Postgres internals
and experience writing extensions or modifications to Postgres itself.
You must have sample code in C that we can look at. (If everything
you've done is proprietary and unavailable, then we may have you write
some code for us.)

Part of the job will involve mentoring us and getting us up to speed
on this very large and complex codebase. We're search experts, but not
yet Postgres experts. We'll be working with CustomScans, table access
methods, index access methods, the storage manager, and other parts of
the system.

This is a consulting gig. We can work around your availability. There
is no need to quit your day job if it permits you to do outside work.

Principals only; no recruiters. Email cvsubmit /at/ relevantdb /dot/ com.

Chris Cleveland
312-339-2677 mobile

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