Crunchy Data is Hiring!

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Crunchy Data is looking for Senior Software Engineers to join our
PostgreSQL and pgBackRest development teams.  You will get to work
with some of the leading people in PostgreSQL open source development,
to include direct collaboration with well known PostgreSQL committers
and major contributors, to build new features and capabilities for
PostgreSQL and pgBackRest.  To be clear- we're looking for multiple
individuals to help us move both of these projects forward

If you have a particular interest in backup and recovery software for
PostgreSQL, as well as highly tested and testable software, and wish to
become a developer on the pgBackRest project then we encourage you to
apply here:

Everyone interested in working to build new features and capabilities
into PostgreSQL are encouraged to apply here:

Crunchy Data has offices and remote employees throughout the US, Canada,
and Australia.  We welcome all candidates that are authorized to work in
any of these locations. Positions are 100% remote, work from home.



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