Looking to hire an SRE to be part of a Postgres DBA team

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My company, Instructure, is looking to hire a full-time SRE on our DBA team. Over the last 10 years, our Canvas product has grown from nothing to being the standard LMS solution around the world, helping millions of people with online learning every single day. We've been growing fast for a decade, but COVID-19 has added quite a bit of fuel to the bonfire, and now we're looking for more people to help us keep up with the incredible demand. That's where you come in. We're looking for an engineer who loves to automate everything, enjoys connecting systems to enable new possibilities, and has the customer focus to seek out what needs doing.

We need somebody who can:
- Collaborate as part of a high-performing DBA team
- Look at our architecture and imagine better ways it could be done, and then be able to make it happen - Find personal satisfaction in knowledge sharing, documentation, and mentoring best practices
- Be on top of problems before they become problems

The ideal candidate will have a strong working knowledge with most of these, and a desire to add the rest to her toolbelt:
- Ansible, or some other form of config management
- Python, Go, ruby, bash, git, etc.
- Datadog, or some other from of resource monitoring
- Amazon Web Services
- PostgreSQL
- pgBouncer, or some other form of database pooling
- Fleets of thousands of servers
- No fear of learning The New Hotness, and no inclination to throw out the baby with the bath water

Some of what we offer:
- Competitive pay to work on technologies you love with the tools of your choice - Your efforts go towards helping a lot of people learn, every day, all around the world - A relaxed work environment. We care about our employee well-being, not grinding out maximum performance. - An open, collaborative work environment. If you see something you disagree with, rock that boat. Challenging ourselves makes us stronger.
- Paid time off. Burnout helps nobody.
- 100% employer-paid benefits for you and your qualified dependents
- Tuition reimbursement

In these times, this is obviously a work-from home opportunity, but in the future, we do have a Salt Lake City office in case you pine for the days of well-stocked break rooms and collaborative open floor plans. If not, well, we also provide a stipend to help you set up the perfect home office.

We are not looking to sponsor US work visas, but we are open to hiring the right candidate anywhere in the world. Strong English skills are a firm requirement, as is some work-hour overlap with US/Pacific.

If this sounds interesting to you, please feed your resume to https://jobs.lever.co/instructure/dda49af5-859b-4146-b89a-5d5b2f408de1.

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