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I am CTO of Convergence CT, a global healthcare data company who has been developing clinical data warehouses for healthcare providers in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Taiwan and China since 2001.  I am currently leading an effort designing and building a Global Healthcare Data Network (GHDN) to help foster Real World Evidence based healthcare research.

We are assembling a CCT Labs team based at The Switch in downtown Livermore California to design and build a secure, audited and trusted platform on the AWS cloud enabling applications running in managed VM or Docker container “sandboxes” to have controlled live federated SQL query access to de-identified healthcare records residing in data warehouses around the world and mapped into a standards-based common data model.

As part of this architecture, we need to:
- Securely and transparently intercept SQL requests from the “sandboxed” application instances
- Record them along with the invoking authenticated user and group identity in an audit trail
- Enforce roles and granular access polices associated with the invoking user and group
- Manage secure sessions to JDBC/ODBC ports of remote provider data warehouses
- Select providers to federate the query to, based on the query, availability, latency, and provider policies
- Assemble the returned SQL responses into a single SQL response to the original application query
- Decide what information to cache in local memory to facilitate and speed future queries
- Record the size and record counts returned from each provider for revenue share calculations

I believe these functions are best implemented within a SQL database such as PostgreSQL acting as a "federated query front-end”.  I am currently looking for an experienced developer from the PostgreSQL community to design and implement this "secure managed live federation" functionality within PostgreSQL.

Note this functionality is actually independent of the healthcare space and will likely have applicability to other PostgreSQL database users and applications.  If you are an experienced developer, have a good understanding of the design, structure, and implementation of the open source PostgreSQL database and are interested in helping us extend it as needed to provide the required functionality listed above, please contact me at gthompson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

This opportunity at CCT Labs is initially available as a 3 month consulting opportunity which can evolve into a regular full time position if desired.  This open position is posted on LinkedIn at  Competitive compensation rate is based on skills and experience.  Further information is available in the job description attached below:

Attachment: CCT Labs PostgreSQL database developer job description.pdf
Description: CCT Labs PostgreSQL database developer job description.pdf

Thank you for your consideration,
Greg Thompson
Convergence CT CTO

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