Bridgewater NJ -- Upgrade to PostgreSQL 9.6, setup replication & security, 6 month contract

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Nistica, a Bridgewater NJ manufacturer, looking for PostgreSQL support


Nistica, a leading manufacturer of optical switches (use to switch optical signals on the Internet), is looking for help doing a PostgreSQL 9.2 to PostgreSQL 9.6 upgrade, and setting up replication and security in 9.6.


We are based in Bridgewater, NJ.  We use Ruby-on-Rails & ActiveRecord to frontend a PostreSQL 9.2 manufacturing execution system (MES).  This controls our manufacturing process.


We are looking for someone for a six month contract.



      Upgrade PostgreSQL and Ruby-on-Rails database. 

      Provide on-site testing with Selenium test tool and migration support.

      Successfully transfer manufacturing to the new database.

 The ideal candidate should have experience upgrading PostgreSQL from 9.2 to 9.6; establishing a Replication Server; testing and verifying an existing Ruby-on-Rails Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) or equivalent works in this environment.


 Duties & Responsibilities:

      Complete a PostgreSQL 9.2 to 9.6 upgrade on a Red Hat 7.4 Linux.

      Verify the existing Ruby-on-rails (Ruby 1.8.7, Rails 3.2) Web based interface works on this new RedHat environment.

      Support database migration from existing manufacturing system to the new database server.

      Configure a replication server using PostgreSQL 9.6 Replication on the Red Hat 7.4 Linux.

      Implement  security features on the new database.

      Document various aspects of the new database.


Qualifications Experience:

      Established track record with 3+ years of PostgreSQL 9+ database experience is essential.

      Knowledge of ActiveRecord Interface to PostgreSQL 9.6 (In order to check known failure points).

      Knowledge of PostgreSQL 9.6 replication essential.

      Experience with Ruby programming language essential.

      Experience with Ruby on Rails (Rails) with PostgreSQL essential.

      The candidate must have RedHat or CentOS  Linux experience,  RedHat 7.4 a plus.

      Experience with C/C++, Java, Web development and SQL desirable.

      Knowledge of Selenium testing tool desirable.

      Familiar with RAID and network filesystems.

      Knowledge of Dell PowerEdge servers (R610+) desirable.

      Hands-on experience critical.

      Bachelor’s Degree or higher, Computer Science discipline desirable.

      Strong problem-solving skills.

      Team-oriented, bright, forward-thinking, creative, and naturally curious.

      Self-starter, high energy level with strong interpersonal skills.

      Highest level of personal and professional integrity.


John Ashmead


(610) 247 2323

Bill Klingler


(732) 620-4645

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