PipelineDB is hiring systems hackers in San Francisco

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Hey Everybody,

We're a fairly new and well funded Y-Combinator startup called PipelineDB that's building a streaming-SQL database, which is a fork of PostgreSQL 9.4.  We have an amazing group of investors and advisors, including Josh Berkus, who heads up the PostgreSQL project.  We're looking to add a couple of founding engineers to our team early this year so if you or anybody you know who is interested to discuss this, please shoot us a note at jobs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  We have 5-10 large enterprise Alpha customers signed up already and are about to release the first version of PipelineDB, so it's an exciting time to get involved with a high-caliber team and promising startup.

I've posted the full position description below and look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks in advance,

Jeff Ferguson
President and Co-Founder

San Francisco, CA - Full Time Only

We're on a mission to build a new type of database for a modern world in which information is constantly moving, and moving fast. PipelineDB runs SQL queries continuously on large volumes of streaming data, giving companies the capability to easily develop scalable, realtime applications and services using only a familiar SQL interface. No application code is required.

This inherently involves solving a lot of big problems, many of which are novel. We’re looking for creative engineers who appreciate the value and freedom of choosing their own projects, approaches, and working with other top talent in a low distraction, streamlined work environment. Our small team has backgrounds from Berkeley, MIT, Facebook, Locu and AdRoll, and we're all doing exactly what we want to be doing: building a groundbreaking new product out of thin air.

We are well funded by top investors including SV Angel, Susa Ventures, Data Collective, Paul Buchheit, and more.

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this, please send your resume and a quick blurb about yourself to jobs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

About the position:

As an early stage engineer you'll ultimately own a very large part of the product. Which part of the product you take charge of depends on where your interests are, but there are several different potential areas of focus. You'll be entrusted to make sound architectural decisions as well as implement your vision effectively. We review each others' code for quality, awareness, and learning, so you'll spend some time contributing your valuable perspective to those efforts as well, although the vast majority of your time will be spent designing and building your own projects.

There is also an optional opportunity to help produce technical and marketing content, speak at conferences, interact with customers, and work as a developer evangelist.


* Bachelor's degree or higher in CS or related field

* You've worked with large C/C++ systems in a Linux environment and are highly effective at navigating them

* You understand the difference between good code and correct code, and you care about testing

* Strong understanding of concurrency

* Strong system-level debugging skills--you are not intimidated by the obscurest of nondeterministic behaviors and race conditions

* Strong understanding of CS theory--you are able to translate theoretical concepts and academic research into practical code

* You have a habit of figuring out how something works before asking someone to explain it to you, regardless of how deep the rabbit hole goes

* Strong understanding of how performant storage systems work

Bonus points:

* Experience with/contributions to PostgreSQL, Storm, Kafka, Samza, Kinesis, or Esper

* Experience with database internals

* Experience building distributed systems

* Experience building realtime systems


* Full medical/dental/vision insurance

* No set work hours--work when you feel smart

* Choose your own setup

* No vacation policy other than that it is strongly encouraged

* Large equity ownership



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