PostgreSQL DBA - San Francisco Bay Area

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This is a full-time, on-site position in the SF Bay Area.

Hi, we're Eat24, an online "make food happen" service. We want to create an
ordering experience so kick ass that people feel like cheeseburgers are
being teleported directly to their mouths while mermaids massage their feet.
Part of making this a reality means adding a kick ass Database Administrator
to our team. Does this sound delicious to you?

PostgreSQL DBA will be responsible for the design, deployment and management
of PostgreSQL database servers. The right candidate will have skills to
design the PostgreSQL databases for 24x7 high availability production
systems, review the SQL queries for performance tuning and deploy an optimum
data protection approach.

Responsibilities :

-Lead the maintenance of Production PostgreSQL Database in a clustered
highly available architecture
-Architect PostgreSQL DB infrastructure to scale
-Develop and enhance scripts to automate and execute various DBA tasks
-Assess the DB performance and lead the effort to patch, upgrade and/or tune
the DB for optimum performance
-Patch, Upgrade and keep the PostgreSQL DBs current
-Review SQL scripts and DB transactions developed by software engineers and
assist in improving the efficiency of the code for best possible DB
-Assist engineering team in the design of appropriate DB Schema and indexing
strategy for performance and scalability
-Design and implement disaster recovery for the PostgreSQL Database

Skills and Experience :
-Strong knowledge of data normalization and data relationships
-3+ Years as a Database Administrator, preferrably Postgres
-Demonstrated experience with Stored Procedures/Triggers
-Experience optimizing queries
-PostgreSQL DBA experience in a 24x7 production environment
-DB Patching and Upgrade skills in production environment (PostgreSQL 9.x

Nice to haves:
-Understanding of network, disk, and cpu resource constraints/optimizations
-Automation of daily maintenance tasks
-Experience in alternative technology (NoSQL, MySQL, Oracle)


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