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Hi, PG Admin!

I am developing a open-source tool called PuttyGPT. It bring the chat functionality of ChatPT or Gemini Pro into Putty, the famous SSH tool.

By using PuttyGPT, you can ask the technical questions to it and it will check your output of Putty window and provide professional suggestions.

The github repository is located in: 


Now the last version if PuttyGPT 0.8.2: 

It is a tiny exe file based on the code base from Putty 0.80.  Download it and run it and you can add ChatGPT into your Putty session.

The detailed step-by-step instructions about how to build from the source code of Putty 0.80 to PuttyGPT 0.8.2 is described here:


I hope you can enjoy what I did for you.

Mr. PuttyGPT

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