Re: pg_total_relation_size shows 0 byt table has thousands of rows

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    database     | total_database_size |  schema_name  | table_name  | total_table_size | table_size | index_size
 sales            | 28 GB             | sales_info       | reject_errors | 0 bytes       | 0 bytes   | 0 bytes
(1 row)

On 4/11/24 13:30, Javier Aragón Díaz wrote:
try this

select current_database() as database,
       pg_size_pretty(total_database_size) as total_database_size,
       pg_size_pretty(total_table_size) as total_table_size,
       pg_size_pretty(table_size) as table_size,
       pg_size_pretty(index_size) as index_size
       from ( select table_name,
                table_schema as schema_name,
                pg_database_size(current_database()) as total_database_size,
                pg_total_relation_size(table_name) as total_table_size,
                pg_relation_size(table_name) as table_size,
                pg_indexes_size(table_name) as index_size
                from information_schema.tables
                where table_schema=current_schema() and table_name like 'NAME_TABLE_HERE'
                order by total_table_size
            ) as sizes;

El jue, 11 abr 2024 a las 21:22, Sbob (<sbob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>) escribió:

This is on PG version 14

sales_info=# select count(*) from sales_info.reject_errors;
(1 row)

sales_info=# select pg_total_relation_size ('sales_info.reject_errors');
(1 row)

sales_info=# analyze sales_info.reject_errors;
sales_info=# vacuum sales_info.reject_errors;
sales_info=# select pg_total_relation_size ('sales_info.reject_errors');
(1 row)

sales_info=# select pg_total_relation_size ('sales_info.reject_errors'::regclass);
(1 row)

sales_info=# select oid from pg_class where relname = 'reject_errors';
(1 row)

sales_info=# select pg_total_relation_size (39379);
(1 row)

On 4/11/24 12:30, David G. Johnston wrote:
On Thu, Apr 11, 2024 at 11:11 AM Sbob <sbob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have a table that has 39,000 rows in it, but a
pg_total_relation_size('schema.table') shows a size of 0

I did a vacuum and an analyze but no change


Copy and paste the exact queries you are running and the results they are giving.

David J.

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