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Am 08.04.24 um 12:37 schrieb Wolfgang Wilhelm:
Hi Rajesh,

pg_stat_activity shows the actual activity - what is running as DB tasks on the system. When the process finishes then it will disappear from that view. No reset needed. pg_stat_database will have new information with new or deleted databases. So no reset required, too.
More information can be taken from the docs. See


Am Montag, 8. April 2024 um 09:01:12 MESZ hat Rajesh Kumar <rajeshkumar.dba09@xxxxxxxxx> Folgendes geschrieben:

Hi all,

How much time the stats are hold in dynamic stats views such as pg_stat_activity, pg_stat_database etc?

Is there a reset point? How to find the last reset time ?

pg_stat_activity shows the CURRENT activity ...

Deutsch: "aktuell"  is NOT the same as "actual" in English! Using "actual" instead of "current" may confuse other people.


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