Assistance Needed: Installing Older Version 4.6.2 of Partman Extension on RDS PostgreSQL Production Server

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I am reaching out regarding an issue we've encountered with the installation of an older version of the Partman extension on our RDS PostgreSQL production server. As you know, we've been experiencing errors with partitioning on our production server, whereas the same script deployed on our development server has been successful. Upon investigation, we discovered that the version of Partman installed on our production server is 5.0.0, while the development server has version 4.6.2 installed.

To address this discrepancy and resolve the partitioning errors on the production server, we need to install the older version of the Partman extension (version 4.6.2) on our RDS PostgreSQL instance.

Action :  Try to create  pg_partman extension  version 4.6.2 getting an error .


Error : ERROR:  extension "pg_partman" has no installation script nor update path for version "4.6.2"

Could you please provide guidance or assistance on how we can proceed with installing the older version of the Partman extension on our production server? Specifically, we are looking for steps or best practices to ensure a smooth installation process and avoid any disruptions to our production environment.

When we  PARTMAN EXTENSION    implement on prod noticed  installed_version 5.0.0  But we noticed in Dev server  version 4.6.2 installed 

SELECT * FROM pg_available_extensions where name ='pg_partman'  

Production pg_partman version  --
"name"        "default_version"  "installed_version"  "comment"
"pg_partman"  "5.0.0"             "5.0.0"           "Extension to manage partitioned tables by time or

DEV Server pg_partman version --
He"pg_partman"  "5.0.0"             " 4.6.2"           "Extension to manage partitioned tables by time or ID"

Below command PARTMAN EXTENSION   new  partman.create_parent deployed
 SELECT partman.create_parent( p_parent_table => 'test_evt',
    p_control => 'test_gts',
    p_type => 'native',
    p_interval => 'monthly',
    p_premake => 12, -- 12 months for future partitions
    p_start_partition => date_trunc('month', current_date - interval '36 months')::date::text); 

Error :error msg  ERROR:  Special partition interval values from old pg_partman versions (monthly) are no longer supported. Please use a supported interval time value from core PostgreSQL

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