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Am 10.03.24 um 12:19 schrieb Rajesh Kumar:
Hi ,

I have a table where size is increasing daily. In that table only inserts and deletes happens. This table is referencing 15 other tables. We have given delete cascade, so if a row is deleted in parent table,  the matching records will also be deleted in those child tables.

It is taking lot of time to delete. So, I am planning to create index on those child tables.

My question is, apart from inserts, I am only going to delete records from those tables. How index improves performance for deleting records? How index is affected or how to do index management in this case?


Since every single row which is going to be deleted in the child tables has to be found, an index can be of great help here.

Actually, in most (not all!) cases an index on foreign key columns makes sense.



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