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When we tried on a test server we were seeing issues with and 

I know sometimes symlinks are needed but we can't seem to get these to work which led to my question of if postgres12 was supported on rhel9.3 

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On 3/6/24 11:27, garyorban@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> We are upgrading our servers from rhel7.9 to rhel9.3. Currently we run 
> postgres version  12 on Rhel 7.9.
> After the upgrade will postgres 12 run on rhel9.3 ?

Presumably you will install the RHEL 9 packages which will be built with all of the needed dependencies. If so, you should be fine there.

> Will I have issues with shared libraries etc…

But beware of collation changes. You will almost certainly need to rebuild some indexes afterwards.

Lest you think you will not be affected, see:

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