Re: Would you ever recommend Shared Disk Failover for HA?

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On Fri, Feb 23, 2024 at 2:02 AM Laurenz Albe <laurenz.albe@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Anyway, my personal experience with a shared disk setup is a bad one.

Imagine two nodes, redundantly attached to disks mirrored across data
centers with fibrechannel.  No single point of failure, right?
Well, one day one of the fibrechannel cables had intermittent failures,
which led to a corrupted file system.
So we ended up with a currupted file system, nicely mirrored across
data centers.  We had to restore the 3TB database from backup.

1. Sounds like both nodes were turned on. 
2. Couldn't this happen in /any/ SAN with redundant cabling?

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