Re: Would you ever recommend Shared Disk Failover for HA?

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On Thu, Feb 22, 2024 at 2:35 PM norbert poellmann <np@xxxxxx> wrote:
is listing a shared disk solution for HA.

It also mentions, "that the standby server should never access the shared storage while the primary server is running."

In a datacenter, where we have postgresql servers running on vmware VMs, the shared disk configuration sounds like an appealing solution: simple configuration, single server at a given time, simple fail-over, fully non-or-nothing write mechanics, no hazzle with replication_slots during/after failover, etc...

But "Attempts to use PostgreSQL in multi-master shared storage configurations will result in extremely severe data corruption" (

Our DB servers are also VMware VMs, with the disks managed by VMware, too.  If a blade dies, the VM automatically restarts on a different blade.  (Heck, ESX might automagically migrate it with no downtime. I've never *known* this to happen, but I don't have access to the VMware console; they just stay up for months, getting migrated around as necessary for load management.)

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