Full backup failed

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Backup policy is weekly full backup using pgbackrest. Yesterday backups failed and got below error. Please help

time="2024-02-18T18:23:17Z" level=info msg="crunchy-pgbackrest starts"

2time="2024-02-18T18:23:17Z" level=info msg="debug flag set to false"

3time="2024-02-18T18:23:17Z" level=info msg="backrest backup command requested"

4time="2024-02-18T18:23:17Z" level=info msg="command to execute is [pgbackrest backup --stanza=db --repo=1 --type=full]"

5time="2024-02-18T18:26:59Z" level=info msg="output=[]"

6time="2024-02-18T18:26:59Z" level=info msg="stderr=[ERROR: [082]: WAL segment 0000003F0000050A0000000C was not archived before the 60000ms timeout\n HINT: check the archive_command to ensure that all options are correct (especially --stanza).\n HINT: check the PostgreSQL server log for errors.\n HINT: run the 'start' command if the stanza was previously stopped.\n]"

7time="2024-02-18T18:26:59Z" level=fatal msg="command terminated with exit code 82"

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