Re: Seed pgAdmin roles with Active Directory groups when using Docker

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pgAdmin does not have this option as of now. By default , users logged in with LDAP will have a 'User' role.
You can track development on this feature in the issue - #2483

Yogesh Mahajan

On Mon, Sep 25, 2023 at 3:12 PM mu88 <mu88+dev@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I want to setup a pgAdmin instance for our team using the Docker deployment. As our organization uses Active Directory, I'd like to assign the pgAdmin User role to a specific AD group when starting the pgAdmin Docker container.

Within the docs I already found the option to use pgAdmin with LDAP, so hopefully accessing our AD should work.

What I didn't find: is it possible to assign a pgAdmin role to an AD group or only to AD users? And if yes, can this automatically happen on Docker container start (e. g. by using an environment variable or a config file similar to servers.json)?

Or put in other words: is it possible that it looks like this after container start only by configuration without any manual interaction?

Best regards!

PS: you find this question here as well:

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