Re: Handling idle connections

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Rajesh Kumar <rajeshkumar.dba09@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> 1. I see lot of idle connections where application_name is blank and also
> query is blank, i am identifying only with user. In this case how do I
> identify which application is using idle connection?

If pg_stat_activity.query is empty, then that is a connection that has
*never* issued a query (because once it has, the query column reflects
the last query even when the session is idle).  So apparently you have
a rather broken application that connects and then does nothing.

I'd suggest fixing the client side so that it sets application_name to
something that would help identify the situation.  If the client is
libpq-based, you might be able to do this by setting the PGAPPNAME
environment variable in an invoking script, rather than modifying
any low-level code.

			regards, tom lane

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