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On Monday, September 18, 2023, Matt Gibbins <matt_gibbins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
In the process of removing extensions not required on the database I was in the process of removing the dblink extension from the postgres database.

First attempt to drop the extension failed with 'ERROR: schema "ag_catalog" does not exist'.

Created the extension and then received the 'ERROR: table "ag_label" does not exist'.

In response I created the table with a dummy colum 'label'.

Dropping the extension resulted in "ERROR: index ""'. So I created the index.

Next attempt resulted in 'ERROR:  column is not in index'.

Now I appear to be stuck in a loop with 'ERROR:  column is not in index' regardless of any attempt to remove these tables and the original extension.

Any assistance appreciated.

Is the output really that corrupted or is your writing of the email introducing typos and whatnot that aren’t actually being shown by the system?

I’d probably hope my backup isn’t corrupted and restore into a newly created instance where the extension manipulation just works.

David J.

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