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On Mon, 2023-09-11 at 14:26 -0700, Wells Oliver wrote:
> I don't have this view:
> ERROR:  relation "pg_stat_statements_info" does not exist
> LINE 1: select * from pg_stat_statements_info;
>                       ^
> But I definitely have the pg_stat_statements extension installed and query pg_stat_statements quite frequently... What gives?

This query will show you the version installed and the schema:

  SELECT extversion, extnamespace::regnamespace
  FROM pg_extension
  WHERE extname = 'pg_stat_statements';

"pg_stat_statements_info" is not a view, but a function, so if the extension
schema is "public", try

  SELECT * FROM public.pg_stat_statements_info();

Laurenz Albe

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