Proxy for Postgres replication connections

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Good morning all,


  We currently are working on migrating few postgres databases from AWS RDS to GCP CloudSQL. For that we have a use case where we need to use some kind of proxy like pgbouncer, HA Proxy or pgpool to proxy the RDS connections on to a VM hosted on GCP. Then we will initiate the postgres logical replication via the proxy tunnel from the CloudSQL instance (target) on to the RDS instance (Source). Even before someone calls it out, I admit that this is not an ideal way of doing things but because of some networking and security concerns we landed on this approach.


Does anyone know if any of the open source proxy tools which are commonly used for postgres support replication connections? I have attempted to use pgbouncer but unfortunately the current version of pgbouncer does not support postgres replication connections.  


Many thanks in advance. Thank you!




Sajan Gone

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