Re: Training for seasoned DBAs new to postgres?

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El jue, 13 jul 2023 a la(s) 09:34, Charles Schultz (sacrophyte@xxxxxxxxx) escribió:
A couple folks have already responded privately with some ideas. I have another related question - for Oracle and MS SQL Server we pay for support. As Postgres is open-source, what is the popular opinion from this group on getting immediate, 24x7 support for postgres issues?

Hi Charles.
Postgres being open-source means you don't need to pay to use it but the art of using it well is no different than other databases. 
You pay for Oracle and MS SQL support to have experts available in case of need. With Postgres it is the same. Those experts do exist and many of them happen to work for companies that provide excellent support services.
Of course you can go by without paid support and rely on the Internet and the online community of experts to provide free advice if in need. Postgres is very stable and can run for years on surprisingly well with minimal or no maintenance at all.
But... if you run mission critical databases on Postgres and your team lacks solid Postgres DBA skills, I would say that paying for support is the sound thing to do.


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