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Laurenz -

Thanks for responding. The URL posted is taking me to "19.6. Upgrading a PostgreSQL Cluster"... Is there another one that is meant for OS upgrades. We do not want to upgrade postgres, we just want to upgrade OS only.

Thanks again.

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On Mon, 2023-06-26 at 17:13 +0000, Murthy Nunna wrote:
> We are planning an in-place upgrade of Linux level from RHEL 7 to RHEL 8 or RHEL 9.
> We have several PG clusters running on this server using different versions of postgres (pg12, pg13 and pg14).
> We have couple of plans:
>    1. Shutdown clusters, unmount disks that contain postgres data and wals, upgrade Linux,
>       remount postgres disks and restart postgres clusters
>    2. Same as above but reinstall postgres (pg12, pg13 and pg14) before restarting postgres clusters
> Questions:
>    1. Will 1 or 2 or both above work?
>    2. Is there any official documentation above OS upgrades?

The documentation is here: 

It depends on how you installed PostgreSQL.  If you used binary packages, Option 1 should work fine.

Don't forget to reindex all indexes on strings!

Laurenz Albe

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