Re: Postgresql Database cant start after restore using pgBackRest

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On 6/25/23 18:53, Deo Felix wrote:
 I am doing backup with pgbackrest in the database server every day at night, I was testing to restore the backup in another server, the restore was successfully however the database cant start

*pgbackrest --stanza=data --delta --log-level-console=detail restore*

Usually this happens when you promote a standby while the primary is still running. The promotion of the standby will create a new timeline (in this case 2) and then push WAL to the archive on this new timeline.

When you restore, PostgreSQL will try to recover to timeline 2 (by default) even though timeline 2 can't be reached from timeline 1 backups that were made after the promotion.

So, you need to instruct PostgreSQL to stay on timeline 1 rather than try to switch to timeline 2. You can do that by setting --target-timeline=current, i.e. stay on the timeline that was current when the backup was made.


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