Re: SSL cert "not initialized" error with logical replication with 13.11

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Axel Rau <Axel.Rau@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> After upgrading to 13.11, Publisher no longer accepts cert of subscriber.

The error is pretty clear:

> RROR,XX000,"could not connect to the publisher: SSL error: sslv3 alert certificate expired",,,,,,,,,"","logical replication worker"

> Servercert:
>             Not Before: Aug 18 09:12:35 2022 GMT
>             Not After : Aug 29 09:12:35 2023 GMT

How sure are you that that cert is the one the publisher is using?
Also, maybe the complaint is about a cert being used by the subscriber,
not the publisher?  I don't think this error message would distinguish

			regards, tom lane

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