Re: How to use long list of columns with COPY command

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Am 12.06.23 um 01:45 schrieb M Sarwar:
Hi David,
I appreciate your response.
I tried to run COPY from SQL and I got the below error message.

ERROR: COPY from a file is not supported HINT: Anyone can COPY to stdout or from stdin. psql's \copy command also works for anyone. SQL state: 0A000

Here is my code:

COPY bronx.TEST_GLOBAL_MCM_RAW (single_date_a, single_start_time_b, dual_part_m, dual_data_n ) FROM 'C:\Mohammed\Work\NGC\Apps\Bronx\Tables\Test_TestData_MCM\Test_TestData_MCM-LoadData\N541652_IN3799A0_CLD_ABMN.csv'  DELIMITER ','  CSV Header ;


I am trying to load the data from CSV file to the postgres database.

COPY using something else than STDIN is only allowed for superusers.

COPY also uses file paths on the server, and the files have to be readable by the system account running the server, usually postgres.

Holger Jakobs, Bergisch Gladbach, Tel. +49-178-9759012

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