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On 5/25/23 03:21, Ravi GH wrote:
Hello PG Admins , Team :)

We have enabled SSL Based replication & connection from Application to PostgreSql DB using SSL via pgbouncer.

My Question is in regard to implementing DataBase Encryption.

Background : We are using PostgreSql DB for Atlassian Bitbucket Application.
                       We want to implement encryption for databases at system level (  it can be at rest (archive)

PgBackRest can encrypt it's backups using AES-256.

or while retrieving (accessing it)).

Seeking guidance in this regard on How to enable DataBase Encryption of Postgresql DB. Can anyone guide me in this regard or share a few pointers pages on "How to enable it" or any 3rd party tools that can do ths.

Thanks & Regards,

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