Re: Prepared statements generating a lot of temp files.

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thanks - checked with the devs and it does look like the application is doing some sort of a bulk insert, and at the moment it cannot be changed to use "COPY FROM".
will limiting bulk inserts to match the work_mem(assuming this is the guc that is used in this case) reduce this disk activity?


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Look at the size of the bind variables and also whether you are doing bulk inserts

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On Mar 23, 2023, at 5:10 AM, Karthik Krishnakumar <karthikk@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi admins,

I am analyzing temp files being generated using pg_badger.
Under "queries generating the most temporary files", I am finding insert/update queries (via prepared statements) writing a lot of data to temp files.
I am trying to figure why inserts are generating such temp files.
Why are inserts/updates generating temp files?
what can be done to avoid this ?


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