Re: PostgreSQL equivalents to dbms_metadata.get_ddl & dbms_metadata.get_dependent_ddl

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Well, there are system funcs and such too, check out
See Table 9.71. System Catalog Information Functions


Michael Vitale

richard coleman wrote on 3/20/2023 9:59 AM:

Actually that's where I started.  Most of the answers on StackOverflow either don't work on the latest versions of PostgreSQL or didn't include the complete DDL.  Most were missing indices and constraints.  As a previous poster remarked, psql -E and then copy/pasting and using that as the basis for custom function(s) seems to be my only path forward.

It's a shame that users are basically forced to write not entirely simplistic SQL themselves.  The SQL appears to already exist in PostgreSQL as evidenced by the results of psql -E, it just doesn't seem that it was packaged into user accessible SQL functions.  I've noticed that the answer to many questions seem to be "use this psql \ command".  Is there any reason that all of the special psql magic functions couldn't be exposed as default SQL functions?

Oh, well.  Thanks for all the help.

On Mon, Mar 20, 2023 at 2:33 AM Edward J. Sabol <edwardjsabol@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Mar 19, 2023, at 10:49 PM, richard coleman <rcoleman.ascentgl@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I wonder how difficult it would have been to create SQL functions out of what is basically psql or pg_dump magic.

If you ignore the answers on StackOverflow that say to use pg_dump and "psql -E", there must be close to 10 other answers with various SQL functions which do exactly that here:

I recommend you read through them and test them to find the best version. I hope one of them fits your needs. If so, I hope you report back here with which one you went with. :-)

Hoping this helps,


Michael Vitale




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