Re: New PG14 server won't start with >2GB shared_buffers

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The default is 50, so somebody changed it?

Chris Hoover wrote on 3/2/2023 4:53 PM:
Just to wrap this up, we finally found the issue.

vm.overcommit_ratio was set to 0.  After setting vm.overcommit_ratio to 50, the issue resolved.


Chris Hoover
Senior DBA
Cell: (803) 528-2269

On Feb 27, 2023, at 11:25 AM, Chris Hoover <chrish@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Tom and everyone,

We are leaning towards some sort of hardware/physical memory issue.  Our server admins are going to take the server and do some in depth testing of the hardware.  

Thanks again for all the assistance over the weekend.


Chris Hoover
Senior DBA
Cell: (803) 528-2269

On Feb 26, 2023, at 7:22 PM, Tom Lane <tgl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Chris Hoover <chrish@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
Got a chance to work on this today.  Here is what I’m getting.  I used the same command that is used when the config has small memory.

OK, so it still happens when interactive, which seems to exclude systemd.

Have you tried setting huge_pages = off, as somebody suggested upthread?
(The default setting of "try" ought to work anyway, but we've heard a few
reports suggesting sometimes it doesn't.)

Googling for ways to limit resources under Linux led me to mentions of
/etc/security/limits.conf, which might be worth checking.  The comments
in that say it only applies to logins via PAM, which should include your
interactive session and I'm not too sure about Patroni.

Otherwise I'm kind of running out of ideas :-(.  *Something* is clearly
interfering with your resource limits, but I don't know what.

regards, tom lane


Michael Vitale




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