Re: psql terminates on first error

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Am 02.03.23 um 13:32 schrieb Erik Wienhold:
On 02/03/2023 12:53 CET Holger Jakobs <holger@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

While trying to transfer data from one instance to another using
pg_dumpall and psql, the psql stopped on first error, causing pg_dumpall
to terminate as well.

This behaviour was seen on Windows (EDB installer), but is different on
Database on Windows and client on Linux?  What's the error and is it the same
on Linux?  Is there even an error on Linux?

Both on Windows or both on Linux

Only when using an option -c "\set ON_ERROR_STOP false" (plus -f - of
course to continue reading) psql continued after first error.
Do you use PowerShell and pipe pg_dumpall into psql?  The first thing that
comes to my mind when reading Postgres+Windows is that PowerShell up to
version 5.1 converts stdout to UTF-16LE.  This already tripped me up in
past with pg_dump and psql.
No, it was in cmd.exe or in bash

Holger Jakobs, Bergisch Gladbach, Tel. +49-178-9759012

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