Re: Failover Testing Failures: invalid resource manager ID in primary checkpoint record

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On Wed, 2023-01-18 at 17:47 -0600, Don Seiler wrote:
> PostgreSQL 12.13 (PGDG packages) in a streaming replication configuration.
> pgBackrest 2.43 used for WAL archiving and DB backups to cloud storage
> I'm testing and documenting a DR exercise process where I:
>    1. Cleanly shutdown PG on the primary
>    2. Promote the PG DR replica
>    3. Place the standby.signal file on the old primary and start it up
>       (presumes no other configurations need changing, primary_conninfo
>       etc were already set).
> My hope is I could just start the old primary / new replica if it was
> cleanly shutdown prior to promoting the replica.

Yes, that should work.

> However when I try to start up that new replica, I'm met with:
> LOG:  restored log file "00000002000000B70000005A" from archive
> LOG:  invalid resource manager ID in primary checkpoint record
> PANIC:  could not locate a valid checkpoint record
> LOG:  startup process (PID 17660) was terminated by signal 6: Aborted
> LOG:  aborting startup due to startup process failure
> LOG:  database system is shut down

What do you get for "pg_controldata -D datadir | grep checkpoint"?

Can you show the complete log from the point the server started?

Laurenz Albe

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