Re: RDS Postgresql 14.3 permission issue from powerBI

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windows has two places for the odbc user and password when using power BI. One is in the driver settings and one is in the power BI itself. Are you sure you are using postgresql-user? As it is odbc-connection then you probably have checked that the odbc driver is compatible with the 14.3 postgresql version and not an older or much newer one? Some of the errors power BI gives can be a bit misleading in my experience, some things are cached and errors can be hidden for quite a while and only noticed when refresh is requested or something new is added. It might even be possible to see almost correct database structure in the navigator but when you try to access members of the tree then the connection is actually attempted and something fails. For that regard are you sure you should be using odbc-connection type and not something else?



Ankur Kaushik kirjoitti 11.1.2023 klo 13.23:
Postgresql version : 14.3 in RDS
user : postgresql
When I am trying to get  the result from table from power BI getting below error, But I am using postgresql admin user.
Also this user is working fine from pg client but not from power BI ?

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