Listening ip in postgres database cluster

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Hello guys,

I have a question, it happens that I have a monitoring web application that connects to my postgresql onpremise database... so far so good, however I need to do a HA cluster replication between the databases and the tests I have done have worked in my laboratory.
However, I have 2 nodes that replicate with different ips... but my application should only see one ip, and when it changes due to failover it stops seeing the server and I must change it manually and restore it when I do the switchover (go back or normalize the database cluster) .
I would like to know if there is any open source application, script or configuration that allows switching the IPs in case of failover... something like a listener (sqlserver) but postgres.

I would greatly appreciate if you can give me ideas to solve this problem to set up a laboratory and solve the problem.

Thank you very much guys in advance

Erik R. Serrano Saavedra
Ingeniero de Sistemas Informáticos
      Data Base Administrator

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