Re: passwordcheck_extra module on pg v14.6

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Daulat <daulat.dba@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> I have tried to use the passwordcheck_extra module on pg v14.6 (Ubuntu
> 22.04) from Advanced Password Checks (
> <>.
> But getting below error message while restarting postgres after making
> changes (shared_preload_libraries = 'passwordcheck_extra')  in
> postgresql.conf file. The same thing is working in pg10 but pg14.6 throws
> below error.

You would need a version that is actually built against v14.
Postgres extension modules always require recompilation for
new major server versions.  (Sadly, the linker gets in the way
here before we're able to deliver an on-point error message.)

			regards, tom lane

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