Re: WAL replication from an Old Production server

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On 12/13/22 04:16, KK CHN wrote:

I have to perform WAL Streaming replication configuration for

 An existing small  production server with 600 GB of size grown over for two years.  There is no WAL replication in place configured as of now.

2. If I want to perform WAL replication to a new Standby Server
    How to copy the 600 GB of DB data  to Standby?   OR when we configure the WAL replication attributes on primary and standby will the Standby automatically copy all the 600 GB data to the defined WAL archive dir ?

Or Do I need to manually copy the data directory of primary by SCP over NW  or by copying the data directory of Primary to a  USB disk and manually copy to the  WAL archive_dir folder defined in the standby ?  What method to follow ? why?

3. In WAL streaming replication what ports/protocols are used for copying the data directory of primary to archive_dir of standby server and for Streaming ?

The Google search "how to set up streaming replication in postgresql 12" answered all my questions.

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