Re: Using non-Super user with PgAmdin

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Hi Sarwar,

> On 08/12/2022 00:51 CET M Sarwar <sarwarmd02@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have created a user with my name and unable to verify the same using pgadmin
> or any other way. For many of you this question is a novice. I am seeking the
> help after spending sometime on this. You can point me to the document if you
> or anybody can think of anything or find it.
> Thank you!
> Sarwar

A few questions:

* What Postgres version do you use?

* What error message do you get when connecting with your new user? I assume
  that you get an error when you say "unable to verify".

* How did you create that user? Was it CREATE USER[1] or createuser via command
  line? In case of CREATE ROLE[2] you must also specify attribute LOGIN which
  effectively is the same as CREATE USER. The login privilege must also be
  enabled when creating roles via pgAdmin.[3]

* What does your pg_hba.conf[4] look like? You must configure the right
  databases, usernames, and client addresses before connecting.


P.S. Please don't hijack threads.


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