Re: Duplicate data even with primary keys enabled

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Hi Ron,

No, I'm not :) I gave general information about unique indexes that would help Teja with his issue. Primary keys and unique constraints are similar to each other. :)

Best regards.

On Fri, 28 Oct 2022, 22:32 Ron, <ronljohnsonjr@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You're confusing PRIMARY KEY with UNIQUE.

On 10/28/22 12:59, Samed YILDIRIM wrote:
Hello Teja,

Could you please add some example lines? I need to see some examples to say something more accurate.

First of all, null != null in PostgreSQL. So, if any of those three columns is null, it means it is unique and won't violate unique constraints even if there is another row with the same values.

Another thing, if you defined a composite primary key on those 3 columns, it means that it will prevent inserting another row that has exactly the same values on those columns. If you want to keep values unique on each individual columns, you need to create 3 separate unique indexes/constraints.

Best regards.

On Fri, 28 Oct 2022, 19:52 Teja Jakkidi, <teja.jakkidi05@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello Admin team,

I have an issue where we are seeing duplicate data in one of the tables. The table has primary key constraint defined on 3columns and we are seeing duplicate data in these column data.
Is there any way to figure out why this could happen? Also is there a way that the primary key constraint can be disabled during  inserts?? If so how can we find who disabled it? (Note that audit is not enabled for the table)
Please suggest.


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