Which conf file handles password complexity during account creation

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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to disable complexity checking during account creation. I
am in the process of creating a user account with a simple password on
Fedora 33. The GUI does not let me proceed because the password is not
complex enough. I can't increase complexity because I am working with
70 year old users.

The GNOME settings do not appear to have a setting to disable
complexity. The man pages for PAM modules is at
https://linux.die.net/man/5/pam.conf, but I am having trouble parsing
them. The conf files don't appear to be commented, and the man pages
fail to explain things like "system-auth" or give an example of
changing complexity.

    # grep -IR complex /etc/pam.d/
    # grep -IR crack /etc/pam.d/

I am mostly lost because I can't seem to get a toe hold on the conf files.

What is the conf file that needs to be fixed to disable complexity
checking during account creation?

Thanks in advance.

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