Is there still activity in the project? I have an extension for tally2. .

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Hello together,

I am wondering if there is still activity in the project.

I filed a few extensions for pam_tally2 at the end of last year on
github and did not get any response there if the patch is good or bad

In my case you can use the extension to shut down the computer when a
wrong password is typed in, to add an extra security layer for mobile
devices, like laptops.

The patch consists of two parts, the first one splits up the tallylog
file into one logfile per user, which makes tally working for
unpriviledged auth requests.

The second part of the patch enables tally to execute a command as soon
as the max number of failed login attempts is reached. (/sbin/poweroff
is a suitable candidate)

So, is there still work ongoing? There are a few more interesting
Patches filed on github, as well as some Bugreports.



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