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On Wed, 2017-06-21 at 14:35 -0400, Bertrand Rault wrote:
> Hello, 
> Would any of you know what changed or was deprecated between RHEL6
> and RHEL7 with regards to PAM and its functionality? 
> If you have any info that could be shared about this, let me know. 

Just the most important things from top of my head:

pam_tally, pam_tally2 is deprecated in favor of pam_faillock
pam_cracklib, pam_pwquality is deprecated in favor of pam_pwquality
pam_console is deprecated without replacement (its functionality is
mostly handled by systemd in slightly different way)
pam_unix remember option is deprecated in favor of pam_pwhistory

Tomáš Mráz
Red Hat

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