get ITEMs in different pam context

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I'm developing a module who uses the current user password store in pam context (PAM_AUTHTOK) recovered with pam_get_item(). For the moment I placed my module in sudo configuration file, after for preset the user. (it works fine)

But now I have to use my module with another application (mine). In his configuration file, I specified my module for auth and session.

This application will be started by sudo ($sudo myapp). So, is it possible to recover PAM_AUTHTOK in my module started by myapp ? Knowing that myapp was started by sudo (so, my module has already been called once).

In this way, the user can be enter his password only one time with sudo.

If I want get PAM_AUTHTOK in my module (call by my app) I have to invoke pam_unix again. (pamh being different)

Thanks and sorry for my bad English,


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